I’ve decided to DELETE all of my friends

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Ok, I’ve decided to DELETE all of my friends who are one-sided, use strong language, or talk about politics, business, or God all the time.

JUST JOKING! I’d have to delete my whole account including my posts.

Say whatever the heck you want to say. It’s America!

I don’t have to agree with you. You don’t need anybody’s permission to speak out.

If you hate monuments, say so. If you love them, say so. Love Trump, say so. Hate his feakin guts, say so.

If you’ve got a fence post stuck up your butt from riding the fence regarding politics, as I often do, say so.

Things have a way of sorting themselves out in this great country of ours. And by ours, I mean every single red blood American*.

Michael Von Irvin

* If your blood is any other color other than red (bright red, red, dark red or maroon), you may be excluded from this statement.

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