Success Is A Jealous Lover

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We’ve all wondered why some people who appear really successful suddenly lose their groove. You see it all the time, in the news, and in our own communities and circles. Empires come crumbling down. Sometimes overnight.

On the other hand, we sometimes see people, who haven’t worked as hard as we have, become overnight successes.

What’s going on? Are these simply cases of luck, good and bad? You already know the answer to that question. Some people do get lucky and some people seem to have more luck than others.

But what you also probably instinctively know and may have forgotten or given little thought to is that success must be nurtured.

I’m happy to share with you my way of looking at the success. And that is, we, you, me, and all other successful people will be wise to think of success as a jealous lover.

When you imagine success as a jealous lover you will take great care not to cheat on him or her (it). You will treat it with respect no matter how much or little of it you have at the present time. You will nurture your relationship with it and watch it grow.

Who would dare take their mind off of the love of their life to turn their attention to yet another lover? Only a fool.

This definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t focus on more than one project, subject, or thing. In fact, your jealous lover lives for adventure, excitement, change, and fun. These things only spice up the relationship and help it to grow stronger if pursued with your jealous lover in mind.

For example, just because you’re working on your successful business doesn’t mean that it is okay to neglect the success you have achieved with your family or other successes in your life.

However jealous a lover it is, success does clearly understand that you have to make priorities and balance your time. It knows that there are tradeoffs that must be made in order to keep your relationship alive and growing.

This relationship can grow without limits if we will only remember that success is indeed a jealous lover.


Michael Von Irvin

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